MKK SUPERCLONE for all industries


Slurry recycling system Slurry recycling system Classification Hydrocyclone Classification Hydrocyclone

By utilizing the Slurry Recycling System it is possible to capture with high precision, and for re-use, suitable abrasive materials contained within a liquid waste product. The system is particularly suited for use in the Semi Conductor Wafer and Glass Substrate lapping and polishing process.

There are various kinds of Hydro-Cyclones, each corresponding to the type of powder to be classified. Be that Metal, Mineral or Foodstuff etc.

Pulp Cleaner Pulp Cleaner  

Oriented towards the paper manufacturing industry, Murata Kogyo`s original twin-chamber pulp cleaning system provides an exceptionally high yield rate and requires minimal floor space.

Technology of SUPERCLONE

MKK SUPERCLONE advanced hydrocyclone technology.